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cover-zombie-dogsZombie Dogs
Zombie Dogs
(Strength In Numbers)
Ox Tetracycline, For those of you who've missed the righteous anger of Naked Aggression, fear not. Brooklyn's Zombie Dogs bring a feminist perspective back to hardcore. 30mg Ox Tetracycline, Considering the relentlessly "bro" attitude of hardcore, it's been a breath of fresh air for bands like Zombie Dogs and Punch to get women on the mic and in your face, addressing topics other than betrayal or being hard, Ox Tetracycline mexico.

"Psycho Gyno" sets the tone from the start: "You're a dude / Why are you a gyno. 250mg Ox Tetracycline, / That's weird / Just stick to what you know" addresses male gynecologists, which might be the first time that the subject of female parts looked at by guys might have been broached as a musical topic. Songs like "Awkward Youth" are universal, however: "everything about me is just a little...off" is something to which guys and gals alike can relate, Ox Tetracycline.

The pounding thrashing of the band's self-titled debut will fly by in just slightly over 17 minutes, 50mg Ox Tetracycline, and you'll probably do as I did and just continually keep hitting play. Ox Tetracycline us, Three or four listens in a row will really get you going, and more just seals the deal. Zombie Dogs is the first release from the all-female Strength in Numbers label. The pressing is limited to 350, with screen-printed covers, so I'd jump on this pretty quickly before it sells out.

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