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Britain's the Dead 60s Prozac And Breast Cancer, are a ska band. Or maybe they're a punky reggae band. Either way, Prozac And Breast Cancer ebay, they're laying down Jamaican rhythms in a seriously intense manner. The interesting thing is (and Jon Harrison and I talked about this when I was in Love Garden today) that they're pretty much only putting out singles right now.

In the US, if a hot band gets signed, Prozac And Breast Cancer craiglist, they A) Put out an EP, B) Get their "independent" album remastered and re-released, Prozac And Breast Cancer india, or C) They get rushed into the studio to get an album out as soon as possible. Over in the UK, they still believe in actually seeing if a band is any good, Prozac And Breast Cancer. Plus, that means you can get the song you actually like for stupid cheap, rather than buying a full album for one song, 150mg Prozac And Breast Cancer, with the rest usually being filler (I'm looking at you, Sugar Ray). 500mg Prozac And Breast Cancer, The Dead 60s are playing over here in the states this summer on the Warped Tour, as well as opening for Garbage on select dates this spring (you can find out which dates those will be at their SonyMusic page). The band is also supposed to finally be releasing a debut full-length sometime soon. The original date was sometime early this year, but evidently that's been pushed back.

Watch the video for "You're Not the Law"
Watch the video for "Last Resort"
Listen to "Riot Radio" (Windows Media).

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