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The new Dresden Dolls album Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid, No, Virginia... showed up last week. I listened to it out of mindless curiousity, not because of any sort of affinity for the band. It's not so much an "album," actually, so much as it is a disc of b-sides. So, rather than some sort of cohesive artistic statement, it's just some songs the group had lying around that didn't fit in with their last album (Yes, Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid australia, Virginia...), along with a cover of "Pretty In Pink." Nothing special.

Amanda Palmer's voice is something rather special, though. She sings like a woman, Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid. I hadn't realized exactly how much a woman's voice is missing from current popular music. Yeah, pop music is the voice of youth and all, 40mg Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid, but it's frightening to notice how far the child-like female voice has penetrated into all facets of current music.

You have your actual children, such as Miley Cyrus or the cast of High School Musical. Then there's pop, which has spawned Nellie Furtado, Britney Spears, and Jewel. Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid, Pop-punk's just as bad, what with Paramore and (even tho' I like 'em) the Dollyrots. Hell, indie rock seems to be the worst offender - Kimya Dawson, 150mg Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid, Joanna Newsom, Martha Wainwright...

It's frustrating. You'll hear the occasional burst of something reminds you of Annie Lennox, but it just doesn't do well. I think it has to do with what the idea was back when Crash Test Dummies had their single - the American aural experience is not geared towards a seriously deep voice. We expect our female singers to sound a lot like little girls (sadly), Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid. Even the guys have a slightly feminine quality (see any male solo pop star since Michael Jackson, Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid mexico, as well as any boy band since the Backstreet Boys).

Still, when one starts digging into the past, you get these big, boisterous women like Rosetta Tharpe or Big Mamma Thornton and you can't quite wonder what the hell happened. How'd we get from there to Jewel. How'd we go from Wendy O. Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid, Williams to Hayley Williams. Why the hell isn't Cinder Block still fronting Tilt, dammit, 750mg Allergic Symptoms To Synthroid.

I'm not even going to get into the whole furor over that Miley Cyrus picture, either. The idea of women who sing like little girls and little girls who act like women is far too much pop psychology for me to deal with. Suffice it to say, it makes me feel a little icky.

Paramore - "Misery Business"
Big Mama Thornton - "Hound Dog"

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