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Finding Retin A, Lawrence, Kansas' very own the Spook Lights played their first shows this weekend. Featuring members of the Round Ups, the Donkey Show, Finding Retin A india, and Ike Turner Overdrive, 30mg Finding Retin A, the band plays music that sounds like a gang bang betwixt the Oblivians, the Ventures, and every b-movie about which Joe Bob Briggs has ever waxed poetic, 250mg Finding Retin A.

Hailing from the distant planet Sleazetopia, Finding Retin A australia, the unholy quartet of Curvacia Vavoom, Scary Manilow, Jet Boy and Deathro Tull came to Earth to teach the world the ways of their planet, Finding Retin A mexico. You will bow down to their musical mastery, and you will learn the naughty lessons that they teach.

Below are two videos of the band live at the Replay Lounge on July 2. The first video features the songs "Sinister Urge" and "Teenage Maniac" and the second has "Nudie Watusi" and "Jezebels."

"Curvacia's Theme"
"Come On Let's Turkey Trot"

Pictures from Saturday's show that I shot..

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