You made me hate myself

Massive amounts of Ducky Boys news for y’all. First, they now have live videos online, courtesy of Macon Movies. The videos were shot in Albany and the sound was taken straight from the board. Check all of them out here.

Also, they have a Boston show coming up. The legendary Bruisers are reuniting for one night only in Boston on Wednesday September 14 at the Roxy. Also on the show are the Casualties and Tommy & the Terrors. You can buy tickets in advance through Ticketmaster.

Rounding out all this news in the world of the Ducky Boys is that the band has started working on their next full length CD. They currently plan to record this in November and have it out in March 2006 on Thorp Records. They’ll play at least one new song at the Bruisers show next month. Frontman Mark Lind’s new label will also be releasing the band’s second album, Dark Days, with 10 bonus tracks. All that info should be coming soon.

Boston USA