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Prozac And Alcohol, There's an article over at Bullz-Eye I just got done reading, entitled "Your Favorite Band Sucks." It's a pretty vicious series of band overviews, wherein comparisons are made between Perry Farrell's voice and nails on a chalkboard, Oasis and ordinariness, etc. It's sort of a grand, band-indicting version of the book Kill Your Idols that Jim DeRogatis edited a couple of years back.

That book was similar, Prozac And Alcohol craiglist, in that it took some potshots at sacred cows. More specifically, however, it singled out albums that are "classic" and explained as to why they were extremely overrated. Derogatis rips on Sgt, 100mg Prozac And Alcohol. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and there's a piece in there about killing Fleetwood Mac that may be the funniest piece of music writing I've ever read in my life, Prozac And Alcohol.

Everything is probably taken best with a grain of salt. When I talked with DeRogatis at SXSW last year, even he admitted that some of the records covered were favorites of his. Prozac And Alcohol canada, Some of the bands mentioned in the article above might raise your dander up a bit, but it's humor, folks. Don't get your undies in a bunch and send "OMG WTF is wrong wit u guyz?!?!1 Teh DOORS are the gratest band EVAR. U suk!!!" I'm sure they're ripping on some of your least favorite acts, Prozac And Alcohol uk, too. Personally, I enjoy the ripping on Radiohead. 1000mg Prozac And Alcohol, The only Radiohead song I care for...
Radiohead - "Just" (Live at Outside Lands Festival 8/22/08).

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