Wicked Cool Records latest releases

Hawaii Mud Bombers – “Mondo Primo”
the Novaks – “The Novaks”
(Wicked Cool Record Co.)

Okay, right off the bat – fuck you, Little Steven. Your “Underground Garage” program seems to get all sorts of acclaim, but your record label sucks. I have yet to hear something on Wicked Cool that is either wicked or cool. The promo descriptions are always off-base, and pretty much everything the label’s described as “garage rock” has ended up sounding more like the Ataris than the Fuzztones.

The Hawaii Mud BombersMondo Primo is no different. Kinda / maybe a little surfy pop punk from Sweden that is boring, boring, boring.

The Novaks? There just seem to be some bands that can’t quite deal with the fact that the Gin Blossoms aren’t big anymore. The whole Matthew Sweet-influenced, Big Star-derivative pop rock just doesn’t do it unless you’ve got some chops or something original. The Novaks have neither, and yet this record still got put out.

Hawaii Mud Bombers – “Summer Sensation

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