Who needs Tivo?

Well, I know last night was the MTV Movie Awards. And since the Journal-World (along with every gossip blog) had the winners listed last week, I passed on watching it. The wife and I threw in Jesus Is Magic instead. Laughed our asses off, enjoyed it, fell asleep.

Got up this morning only to discover that, as per usual, there was one moment that was totally fucking awesome, and I should feel a real dumbass for having missed. Last night’s moment came in the form of Gnarls Barkley doing “Crazy.” That, in and of itself is no big whoop-dee-doo. That song’s been playing on KJHK for months now.

However, the fact that it was done with the entire ensemble dressed as Star Wars characters (with Chewie on drums, no less) makes for an enthralling viewing experience. Thankfully, you can check it out below due to the infinite glory that is YouTube. For a further fix of the song, hit up Stereogum for an awesome Twilight Singers cover.