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Soft Cialis, It's been a while since I've done one of these "Who it is" posts, where I talk a little about one of the links over there to the right. Considering my friend Ian just started a new blog that I think is the friggin' bee's knees, why not do one now. Soft Cialis us, The site is called Why Are There So Many Records In My Life? What's it about.

In Ian's words:

"I was organizing my records today and I realized that I never really listen to them and I need to do that more. And then I fixed my stereo. And then I decided that I want to listen to every record in my collection alphabetically, Soft Cialis. There is no schedule, Soft Cialis mexico, it will just be fore fun and then write about them. I also want to see how much money I have spent so I can pass out when I realize how much money I've wasted."

Thus far, 10mg Soft Cialis, he's done three records. And, really - props to any blogger who regularly posts photos with their laundry basket in the background. It looks to be an exciting project, 30mg Soft Cialis, as well as one that could be never-ending, considering Ian buys records as much as I do. 150mg Soft Cialis, That picture up there looks rather daunting, especially when you factor in the 200 singles he also has. I look forward to reading it, and based on the three entries, you'd do well to add this to your blogroll as soon as possible.

Antony & the Johnsons - "Fistful of Love" (from I Am A Bird Now).

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