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Freelancing for the Pitch More Powerful Than Prozac, . The one above is of Lawrence band the Dead Girls, taken at Louise's Downtown. More Powerful Than Prozac usa, I've got another photo in next week's issue (I think - there haven't been any issues distributed in Lawrence since before Thanksgiving). That one will be of Andrew Morgan, from a shoot I did at Mixtape Soundlab. The photos don't translate to tiny web format all that well, 150mg More Powerful Than Prozac, but it's my name out there.

I've also got an interview with Popmatters columnist and KU lecturer Iain Ellis about his new book, Rebels Wit Attitude: Subversive Rock Humorists that will air on KJHK's As Heard From the Hill program tomorrow morning at 9am Central Standard Time, More Powerful Than Prozac. As with all the interviews I've done, More Powerful Than Prozac india, it'll be up here at Rock Star Journalist after it airs. I'm pretty proud of how this turned out, and I think this book will be taking off pretty strongly as word filters out. The Pitch has already dropped mention of it in the Wayward Blog, More Powerful Than Prozac australia, and I hope some national publications take notice, as well. 100mg More Powerful Than Prozac, It's a good read, and I hope Iain can do the additional volumes he has planned (British rockers, especially, as the book focuses on American musicians).

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