Wheels On Fire, “Cherry Bomb”

hires_1cherrybombep-1024x1024Wheels on Fire
Cherry Bomb
(Kind Turkey)

Organ in a song is a pretty safe way to get me to fall in love with it. Short, choppy guitar riffs are another. “Black Wave,” the first song on the a-side of Wheels On Fire‘s Cherry Bomb EP has both. I think I heard hand claps, too.

Same goes for “Broken Up,” which also sounds like a song the Reigning Sound might steal and cover for themselves at some point. The title track follows in the great tradition of songs with that phrase (see also: Spoon’s “Got Yr Cherry Bomb” and Ash’s similarly-titled tune) and is a tightly-wound hip-wiggler.

You can safely put Wheels On Fire in the CocoComa / Reigning Sound school of folks who’ve learned at the altar of the great power-pop sage Greg Shaw. The edges are a little ragged, but the melodies are tight. I listened to this five times in a row and might go another five tonight.

Note for the collector nerd: the first 100 copies of this 7-inch are on purple vinyl, and the remaining 400 are on black with screen-printed and hand-numbered art on all copies.

This is Kind Turkey’s first release. Bobby promises more goodness in the pipe from Two Tears (featuring Kerry Davis of the Red Aunts), as well as “the debut 7″ by Milwaukee garagesters Trent Fox and the Tenants, as well as a single by the one-man psych garage mastermind, Dead Luke.” Keep an eye on that website, kids.

MP3: Wheels on Fire, “Black Wave”