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Zithromax American Made, Two interesting stories in the news today about band names. First, Supernova has won an injunction against the producers of CBS' Rockstar: Supernova. Zithromax American Made usa, The judge ruled that the "group is enjoined from using the Supernova name for performances and recordings." Basically, the original group filed the lawsuit as soon as the show was announced, and the legal ruling was reached as the show's finale was being taped. Literally, 200mg Zithromax American Made, last minute shit. Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

Next up, it appears that Scottish indie rockers Idlewild aren't too thrilled about the new Outkast album that bears the same name, Zithromax American Made. Zithromax American Made overseas, Nevermind the fact that the Outkast album / movie Idlewild takes its name from an African-American resort town in Michigan and the band takes its name from a setting in Anne of Green Gables. The band's just pissed that there's an album that uses their name. Never mind the fact that bands use songs as band names, band names as album titles, Zithromax American Made craiglist, album titles as band names, lyrics for everything... 100mg Zithromax American Made, all the fucking time.

Watch the video for "Idlewild Blues" below...


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