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cover-whatever-brainsWhatever Brains
Whatever Brains
(Sorry State)
Cipro For Sinus Infection, If you took Geza X & the Mommymen, sped them up, and made the whole thing as herky-jerky as Devo, you'd have Whatever Brains. That's fucking wonderful, really. How often does a band listen to something like "Isotope Soap" or "Uncontrollable Urge" and think, "Man, 200mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, the two of those songs are great, but together - now, that'd really be something!".

Well, maybe Human Eye, but they're nowhere near as catchy as Whatever Brains, Cipro For Sinus Infection australia. The Brains are twitchy and throbbing, and while songs like "Whatever Helps You Sleep Pts I&II" eventually build to a climax, there's not a lot of full-bore spazzing out going on. The speed never really blasts off, and the garage rock comparisons to bands like the Marked Men aren't exactly accurate, Cipro For Sinus Infection.

More than anything, 750mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, the band takes after bands like Digital Leather, sounding like a leather dungeon set to music. I'd suggest avoiding drugs if at all possible while listening to this album, as you're apt to flip the fuck out. "I Know Where Graham Simpson Lives," the opening track on the second side, 30mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, is a slow, creepy, childish sing-along that suddenly segues into "Math." The tonal shift from the lighthearted tone and register of "I Know" into the evil, depraved videogame blips and bleeps of "Math" shocks and amazes, Cipro For Sinus Infection usa, even when sober.

MP3: Whatever Brains, "The Future of Porn".

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