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Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, So, the Oscars fucked up in ways other than not nominating the Dark Knight for best picture or best director when they snubbed Springsteen for a nomination. Two tracks from Slumdog Millionaire, but the Boss gets ignored. Surprising, especially considering he won the Golden Globe, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility ebay.

Shit, I'm not the biggest Springsteen fan, or really much of anything past casual enjoyment. Flagyl Potassium Compatibility japan, But "The Wrestler" is one of those songs where the lyrics fit the film so well, I actually enjoyed listening to what was playing over the end credits.

The Academy usually fucks up somewhere, but it appears this year is rather impressive in its omissions, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility. Good goin', old fogeys. You've once again shown a total lack of vision when it comes to quality, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility australia. The Wrestler was one of those movies that hit every note perfectly. The casting was amazing, with Mickey Rourke completely inhabiting the role of Randy the Ram. Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, Marisa Tomei is both tragic and beautiful, and the plot... 50mg Flagyl Potassium Compatibility, well, wrestling's pretty close to my heart in terms in of things I love, and this is the fictional equivalent of Beyond the Mat. It was the first film I saw this year, and it's going to be difficult to top, Flagyl Potassium Compatibility paypal.

Dammit - Patton Oswalt better not have had anything to do with this. I know he's gone a little Oscar nutty, but he's one of the few people in the Academy I feel I can trust.

Bruce Springsteen - "the Wrestler".

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