Walk Hard soundtrack review

Various Artists – “Walk Hard soundtrack”
(Columbia Records)

Damn. Despite what you would have guessed from Boogie Nights, John C. Reilly can sing – and well, too. As Walk Hard‘s Dewey Cox, he sounds an awful lot like Chris Isaak, actually. This soundtrack covers every style of music from the mid-50s to late 70s, and you can tell what artists are getting skewered on every track.

Johnny Cash takes the brunt of it during the first half (even his duets with June Carter gets hit with “Let’s Duet,” which is one of the few outright “funny” songs on the album), with everyone from Little Richard (“(Mama) You Got To Love Your Negro Man”), Jim Croce (“Dear Mr. President”), and Bob Dylan (“Royal Jelly”, which is the absolute most spot-on, hilariously ridiculous Dylan take ever) getting it as the record goes on. The disco cover of Bowie’s “Starman” is painfully funny, as well. They managed to get folks like Marshall Crenshaw, Mike Viola, and Van Dyke Parks involved in this, and it’s on Columbia, Johnny Cash’s old label. Thus, this is another Judd Apatow vehicle that’s gonna make a pantload of money.

Dewey Cox – “Walk Hard”

Dewey Cox & Darlene Madison – “Let’s Duet”

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