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Various Artists – “Greetings From Los Angeles”
(Acetate Records)
Cheap Retin A, Acetate Records celebrates their eighth anniversary with this compilation. It’s a collection of dirty punk-influenced rock and roll, much like what you'd hear from Gearhead, 200mg Cheap Retin A.

You’ve got your classics like Sonny Vincent of the Testors (performing with Arthur Kane of the New York Dolls on his last-ever recording, 40mg Cheap Retin A, a cover of Chuck Berry’s “Carol”) to redneck rampages like Nine Pound Hammer (the recently reformed precursor to Nashville Pussy) to New Wave styled punk from Sour Jazz.

It’s a really entertaining compilation from a label I’d only had a passing familiarity with prior to this. That familiarity might have to be deepened a bit now, Cheap Retin A uk. If you like your rock 'n' roll a la Electric Frankenstein, Cheap Retin A usa, this is definitely your bag. The variety amongst the acts is what keeps it interesting, because the speed and power of all these acts is slightly like getting pummeled by a friend who's had a few too many whiskeys - you know they're good, 30mg Cheap Retin A, but it still hurts all the same.

Nine Pound Hammer - "Drunk, Tired & Mean"
Sonny Vincent - "Scratching On the 8 Ball"
the Spiders - "School Night Out"
Dragbeat - "It's A Gas"
Railsplitters - "Harm's Way"

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