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Vampire Weekend – “Vampire Weekend”
(XL Recordings)
Cipro Ibuprofen, So, here it is, probably one of the most-hyped releases in the past few years. And, really… Vampire Weekend sounds an awful lot like the English Beat (“A-Punk”) or the Police (“One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”). Not that those bands are awful – by no means, Cipro Ibuprofen coupon. As a matter of fact, those bands are my two favorite white reggae interpreters. 40mg Cipro Ibuprofen, For all the vaunted “African” influences on this album, when Vampire Weekend mention “Peter Gabriel too” on “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” they sound more like Paul Simon on his Graceland / Rhythm of the Saints kick, though, Cipro Ibuprofen japan. It’s catchy, exuberant, 1000mg Cipro Ibuprofen, and fun, but in the end, it’s still white Ivy League kids copping black influences and passing them off as something new. It has catchy indie rock vibes and a slight world music tone that will make your parents who listen to NPR mention to them the next time they try and borrow your Shins albums, Cipro Ibuprofen uk.

"Oxford Comma"

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