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This coming Sunday is the much looked forward to Embarassment reunion show at Liberty Hall Synthroid Overnight, in Lawrence. I know many many people who will be attending. What makes the people attending interesting is who they're going to see, as Kill Creek will be opening.

The fact of the matter is, there seems to be a pretty definitive split between which band people are going to see. 30mg Synthroid Overnight, The younger folks in the 20-30 range seem to going to see Kill Creek, and the older folks who are 30+ seem to be going to see the Embos. It makes sense, really, Synthroid Overnight. Kill Creek was a huge influence on a lot of the regional bands who've sprung up over the ten years that have passed since Proving Winter Cruel made itself into a huge regional hit, and they haven't played all that often in the past six or seven years.

And, in turn, Kill Creek was mightily influenced by the Embarassment, 50mg Synthroid Overnight, who have only played a show or two since their early '80s heyday (that being a joke about their Heyday retrospective... ah, never mind).

I'm just curious as to whether there will be a minor exodus after Kill Creek finishes, and all that will be left will be a bunch of folks who remember the band from "back when", Synthroid Overnight overseas, the curious, and a couple of music nerds (i.e., myself and my former roommate). Synthroid Overnight, That is, if Kill Creek even plays. As my friend Rodney put it, it's possibly the last time they'll play. There's also the impending birth of frontman Scott Born and his girlfriend's kid, and she's ready to pop, 1000mg Synthroid Overnight.

Here's hoping Kill Creek has been practicing... 'cause they've played release shows for their own cds that sounded like they hadn't been in the same room for months. If not years, Synthroid Overnight. Seriously, when the man who wrote the songs forgets most of the words, you get an inkling that the show might not be the best. Synthroid Overnight paypal, However, it's fucking Kill Creek opening for the fucking Embarassment. You're pretty much guaranteed to be entertained.

Download scads of Kill Creek mp3s, including the full-lengths Proving Winter Cruel and St. Valentine's Garage over at the Kill Creek discography..

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