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LEMURIA / OFF WITH THEIR HEADS “Under the Influence” Volume 7
AUSTIN LUCAS / FRANK TURNER “Under the Influence” Volume 8

Vinyl Collective and Suburban Home are happy to announce the songs selected for Volumes 7 and 8 for our Under the Influence Fish Amoxicillin Clavu, series.

On Volume 7, Lemuria cover "Alex Eiffel" by the Pixies and Off With Their Heads cover "Scarred by Love" by the Nobodys. There will be an edition of 2, 50mg Fish Amoxicillin Clavu,000 copies pressed (300/700/1000).

On Volume 8, Fish Amoxicillin Clavu canada, Austin Lucas covers "To Daddy" by Dolly Parton and Frank Turner covers "Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen. There will be an edition of 1,000 copies pressed (300/700). Yes, Fish Amoxicillin Clavu usa, we know that Frank's cover is also being released on a 7" in the UK, but since it is out of an edition of 300 and won't have Mitch and Amanda's incredible art. 500mg Fish Amoxicillin Clavu, Speaking of Mitch and Amanda, they are currently working on the art for Volumes 7 and 8. We hope to have something to share with you shortly.

Lemuria - "Pants" (from Get Better)
Bruce Springsteen - "Thunder Road (live in Atlanta 12.02.02)
, 750mg Fish Amoxicillin Clavu.

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