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cover-two-tearsTwo Tears
"Eat People" single
(Kind Turkey)
Cialis Vs Cialis Professional, While I appreciate Kerry Davis' pedigree - what with her work in the Screws, Beehive & the Barracudas, and the Red Aunts - I've never really liked her music. I appreciate what she does, but, really, Cialis Vs Cialis Professional paypal, I've never been able to get into her projects. It's either the vocals or the ultra lo-fi nature of them that just fucking grated on my nerves.

Her Two Tears project is ... better, I guess, 100mg Cialis Vs Cialis Professional. While the least irritating thing she's done, I'd still just rather listen to the Kills, Cialis Vs Cialis Professional. Davis seems like she's going for Alison Mosshart's slinky and trashy vibe, but just comes off sounding slightly wasted. Perhaps if the beat was moved up a touch on "Senso Unico, Cialis Vs Cialis Professional japan, " putting it more in line with "Heisse Hexe," this single would have something that grabbed my ears. I understand what she's going for. "Senso Unico" is a low-down blues number, but it just sounds plodding, Cialis Vs Cialis Professional mexico. And, while "Heisse Hexe" and "Eat People" have more energy, they're overly repetitive and shrill. 500mg Cialis Vs Cialis Professional, The record comes in a hand-numbered, limited edition of 500, with the first 100 copies on pink/white mixed vinyl, and the remaining 400 on black.

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