Two new split singles coming from Big Eyes

Here’s a nice bit of irony: our favorite power-pop-garage trio, Big Eyes, has two splits coming out in the coming weeks. One’s a split with Orange County’s Audacity, on Volar Records, due out on red and gold vinyl sometime this month. You can snag test presses from both bands on their current tour together, or pre-order it direct from the Volar Records store. Listen to Audacity’s side — which is a lovely bit of power pop entitled “Bottle It Up” — below.

Then, either later this month or early next, they’ve got a split with Mean Jeans on Dirtnap. Mean Jeans’ cut, “I Miss Outer Space,” can be heard over at Vice’s Noisey music channel. The Vice guys describe it as “a fast and driving tune with a chorus that we’ll be humming all day long as we drift off into another dimension.” We agree. It’s not available for pre-order (or regular order, for that matter), but it’s due out in “a few weeks,” so says the Dirtnap Twitter feed.

We mentioned irony at the outset of this post. Said irony is that while we’re huge fans of Big Eyes, and doing this post to showcase their newest releases in hopes that more people will become fans … there’s no actual new music from Big Eyes in this post. Their sides aren’t yet available. Go figure.

However, if you really, really want to hear some new Big Eyes, Grow Radio’s “The 2nd Ave. Shuffle” played their song from the Audacity split, “Half the Time,” on their November 15 show. You can listen to that right here, and it’s right around the 1:00:30 mark.