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cover-penetrators-gottaThe reissue of the Penetrators Oral Tetracycline, ' "Gotta Have Her," backed with "Baby, Dontcha Tell Me" on Windian Records, is as perfect a reissue as you could ask for. I love the fact that reissues no longer try for redone art, or changing things up to differentiate them from the original, other than an additional logo from the reissuing label. This is essentially what you would've gotten from this garage rock duo in 1976.

It's rough, Oral Tetracycline australia, dirty, and owes more than a little to the likes of ... oh, let's just say any band featured on Nuggets. It's cheap shorthand, to be sure, but the drumming is straight off a Sonics record, and the slightly off-key, but enthusiastic vocals could be from anyone from Shadows of Knight to the Trashmen, Oral Tetracycline. The titular a-side's pretty good, but the b-side has a snotty edge that really makes this worth picking up.


cover-mondo-rayAlso out now on Windian is Mondo Ray's "Hypnotized, 500mg Oral Tetracycline," backed with "Nothing." This is a cleaner, less raucous single than the Penetrators' release. It's a very angular, chiming kind of garage - sort of like what frequently makes its way onto In the Red these days. It blasts through your stereo so quickly that you'll find yourself repeatedly flipping the single, Oral Tetracycline overseas, desperate for more of their music.

It's a big sound from a trio, with the guitars ringing like there was a chorus of them. The rhythm's a little down in the mix, with David da Cruz's riffs the clear focus of the title track. As with the Penetrators' single, the b-side outshines the a-side, 30mg Oral Tetracycline, if only because it showcases all three members far more equitably as it alternates a piercing, throbbing, pulsing rhythm with high harmonies and big riffs.


Both releases can be had from Windian's online storefront for the low, low price of $5 each, 250mg Oral Tetracycline, along with a cavalcade of quality garage and punk from Rock Star Journalist faves the Shirks and Personal & the Pizzas, amongst a slew of acts new and old.

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