Two new releases about which you should get excited

cover-ptp-dead-meatProper grammar makes the headlines a little longer, doesn’t it? Anyhow, two new releases are on the way that ought to get your excitement up and blood flowing.

First up: Faux Guidos Personal & the Pizzas last put out the singles collection Raw Pie on 1234 Go!, and they’ve finally announced their next release. It’s entitled Dead Meat vs. Joanie, and it’s due out April 15 (Tax Day, for you folks here in the States) via Total Punk Records. You know how punk Total Punk is? They don’t have any presence online whatsoever. Trust me – I checked. I imagine this will be another slab of punk-inflected doo wop garage.

cover-hussy-ctmcAlso due out in April is the full length from the Hussy which features one Bobby Hussy, who is the gentleman running Kind Turkey Records. I’ve heard the LP, Cement Tomb Mind Control, and it’s fucking great. If you thought the two-person garage rock thing was dead, you are sorely mistaken. This might be the craziest thing from two people since they invented sex. It’s coming out on Slow Fizz Records, which (as you can see) does have a website, so this one might be a little easier to get your hands on.

We’ll be posting songs and stuff as they appear online. Promise.