Compatibility Of Erythromycin

Turbo Fruits - "Turbo Fruits"
(Ecstatic Peace)

Featuring the guitarist and drummer of Be Your Own Pet Compatibility Of Erythromycin, , Turbo Fruits play fun – dumb fun – dirty rock. It’s very fresh and improvised sounding, kind of like they wrote the songs on Monday, 750mg Compatibility Of Erythromycin, practiced on Tuesday, Compatibility Of Erythromycin us, and recorded on Wednesday.

There’s a lot of MC5 / Stooges influence on this record. As a matter of fact, 250mg Compatibility Of Erythromycin, a nice cover of the MC5’s "Ramblin’ Rose" caps off the record as the second-to-last track. Compatibility Of Erythromycin craiglist, It's a fun and simple record. For the most part, however, Compatibility Of Erythromycin coupon, it just sounds like someone gave the Black Keys a whole helluva lot of speed - but, y'know... in a good way.

"Know Too Much"
"Pockets Full of Thistles"

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