Turbo Fruits – Turbo Fruits review

Turbo Fruits – “Turbo Fruits”
(Ecstatic Peace)

Featuring the guitarist and drummer of Be Your Own Pet, Turbo Fruits play fun – dumb fun – dirty rock. It’s very fresh and improvised sounding, kind of like they wrote the songs on Monday, practiced on Tuesday, and recorded on Wednesday.

There’s a lot of MC5 / Stooges influence on this record. As a matter of fact, a nice cover of the MC5’s “Ramblin’ Rose” caps off the record as the second-to-last track. It’s a fun and simple record. For the most part, however, it just sounds like someone gave the Black Keys a whole helluva lot of speed – but, y’know… in a good way.

Know Too Much
Pockets Full of Thistles