Troubled Hubble – “Making Beds In A Burning House”

This is some good ol’ fashioned indie rock. Seriously… it’s not “dance-punk” or “art rock” or “fashion disco” or “garage rock” or any other of a number of terms that get bandied about to describe the current state of music.

No, Troubled Hubble plays straight up, old school, early ’90s style indie rock. There’s nothing here that sounds pretentious- it’s just fun, rocking, mildly fuzzed music in the vein of Dinosaur Jr. or Built to Spill. It’s exactly what you’d have heard if you turned the dial to left, and got some college station circa 1991. Lookout Records has started doing a steady business in indie, and this is a nice addition to their roster.

I love it. This is the sort of thing that makes me feel happy and mellow… it’s good music for the late afternoon, sometime before you’re on your way home from work. It’s great, fun music. It’s been so long since I’ve heard a record that was just so straightforward in what it was that Making Beds In A Burning House is an amazing breath of fresh air.