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trouble-in-mind-logoThe latest batch of singles from Chicago's fine Trouble In Mind Records Stieva A Erythromycin, showed up the other day, and after a lengthy weekend of listening to nothing else here in the basement, I feel as if I'm okay to share some opinions on what's what.

The Wrong Words' single has a sound that I can't quite put into words, other than to say that it sounds exactly like something you'd hear on mid-'80s college radio. "What Went Wrong?" is somewhat surfy, whereas "Clock Keep Ticking" is total jangly power-pop, but both complement one another with catchy bits to spare. The a-side is more immediate, but it's the b-side to which I keep returning time and time again. 750mg Stieva A Erythromycin, There's something about the timeless nature of the song that makes me want to listen to it over and over.

The Wounded Lion release is the only one of the bunch that I might consider advising against getting, Stieva A Erythromycin. The a-side, "Pointed Stick" is all right -- the distortion level is such that I thought my speakers might be dying, but it's a fun, thudding rocker. The flipside, "Muppet Babies," is like "Pointed Stick" in that it's a fairly repetitive piece of fluff, but "Muppet Babies" is so very Raffi and irritating that it makes me want to suggest gouging up the b-side so as to never accidentally play it, 30mg Stieva A Erythromycin.

cover-personal-tim-singlePersonal & the Pizzas are pretty much a definitive singles band. Their collection, Raw Pie, is handy-dandy in that it collects all the disparate releases the trio's put out, but after 33 straight minutes, their shtick gets a little old. Stieva A Erythromycin, On this single, Personal & the Pizzas change things up a little, thankfully. The a-side, 250mg Stieva A Erythromycin, "I Want You," is a little more polished, with the mid-tempo ballad featuring a little more production value. It also leans more towards the Television end of New York punk, unlike the b-side, "(Don't Trust No) Party Boy," which returns the band squarely to Ramones territory. The "hidden" track, "(I Don't Want To) Think About It" is also a hidden gem in the Pizzas' repertoire, 10mg Stieva A Erythromycin, featuring as it does a wonderful water effect on the guitar, and the very Phil Spector fade out at the end.

The last single in the batch comes from Italy's Vermillion Sands, and is nothing short of wonderful country pysch rock that comes barreling like a freight train off your turntable. "20 Hours" had me rocking so hard, I nearly tipped my chair over while re-listening to it for this review, Stieva A Erythromycin. Both tracks sound like Nancy Sinatra fronting the Sadies. The b-side, "The Last Day, Stieva A Erythromycin craiglist, " is less go-for-broke than "20 Hours," but no less intense. I cannot suggest this single enough.

You can preview a track from each of these releases at Trouble In Mind's catalog page, as well as purchase anything you end up liking.

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