Tornado Rider, “I’m A Falcon” (MP3)

tornado-riderSilver Sprocket Bike Club has posted a song from their most recent signess, Tornado Rider. The band has an electric cello. The song is called “I’m A Falcon.” It’s from their recent CD, entitled Jark Matter. It comes with “a fold-out map of The Land Of Sneth, collection of six Tornado Rider post-cards, a one-inch button exclusively available with the CD, lyrics, and an original story by cellist Rushad Eggleston.”

The song is either one of the most ridiculous things ever recorded, or it’s fucking amazing. There are falcon shrieks, thrashing, spoken words, and “I’m a falcon!” repeated several dozen times. It’s entirely possible that I’ve played it fifteen times since the label posted it to their Facebook earlier today. Go grab Jark Matter (yes, even though it’s a CD) from Silver Sprocket.

MP3: Tornado Rider, “I’m A Falcon”