Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects

The lovely ladies over at the Sad Dog newsletter put forth the news last night that Kirk Rundstrom of Split Lip Rayfield Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects, has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. According to the band's website, 100mg Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects, he "is seeking immediate and aggressive treatment for his illness. He is in good spirits and has a positive and willful attitude, suitable for the trials ahead."

Sad news, Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects mexico, indeed. 20mg Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects, Split Lip recently cut down to a three-piece after mandolin player Wayne Gottstine left last year. Still, despite a recent skewing of their musical sensibilities towards the jame-band set, Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects usa, the band's most recent album, Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects canada, Should Have Seen It Coming was a damn good continuation of their speed-bluegrass ethos. Last year also saw a re-release of pre-Split LIp Rundstrom act Scroat Belly's Daddy's Farm on Bloodshot Records, Zithromax Antibiotic Side Effects.

Jaq and Di don’t have solid details but they did get word that two benefit shows are in the works. One at The Uptown in Kansas City and one at the Bottleneck in Lawrence. Details on said shows will be forthcoming. You can also visit the Split Lip Rayfield website to make a donation.

Split Lip Rayfield - "Never Make It Home"
Split Lip Rayfield - "Hundred Dollar Bill"
Split Lip Rayfield - "Drink Lotsa Whiskey"
Split Lip Rayfield - "Day The Train Jumped The Tracks"

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