Tetracycline Pneumonia

Tonight on Sunglasses After Dark Tetracycline Pneumonia, , I should (in theory) be hosting an interview with Springman Records artists the Phenomenauts. Now, Tetracycline Pneumonia australia, Joebot Twopointoh has lost his phone, and even though I've left him a message, he hasn't gotten back to me yet, Tetracycline Pneumonia paypal.

There's also the possibility that since the band is now headlining this tour (as Left Alone dropped off to open the Bouncing Souls tour), 250mg Tetracycline Pneumonia, they might be playing at the Granada while the show's going on. Soooo... I may have to wander down to the venue and do it all tape-recorder style and broadcast that instead, 50mg Tetracycline Pneumonia.

Either way, I intend to have some space-age rockabilly interview goodness for you all tonight, Tetracycline Pneumonia. The interview will probably end up archived here at some point, 20mg Tetracycline Pneumonia, but if you'd like to hear it (as well as some other truly awesome garage / rockabilly / punk), you can tune in tonight via KJHK 90.7FM at midnight central standard time. The request line is always open at 785-864-4747. Hope to hear from you all.

"Earth Is the Best"
"I Am Robot" (live)
"Rocket Roll" (live)

Many musicians started their careers with music lessons so don't feel like they're only for children.

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