Tin Armor, “Life of Abundance” LP

cover-life-of-abundanceTin Armor
Life of Abundance

I remember liking Tin Armor‘s Art of the Underground single, so I was happy when their full-length, Life of Abundance, showed up in the mail. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember a damned thing about the single, other than it was kind of poppy.

The instant the needle dropped on this LP, it all came rushing back as to what had grabbed me the first time I heard Tin Armor: the ridiculously catchy pop hooks that they mix into a a blend of college rock and country twang. The quartet’s music falls somewhere between the polished pop of the Gin Blossoms and the jagged edges of Piebald – essentially, it’s like Piebald, if Travis Shettel didn’t have his voice shred to pieces on every song.

The songs feel like you’re listening in on someone’s private thoughts, but coded. There’s a lot of deciphering to do, if you’re wanting to get inside the collective head of Tin Armor. Album closer “Silhouettes” features the fantastic couplet “I feast on my blood/I feast and call it wine/Now my salvation is mine,” making religious imagery intensely personal.

Life of Abundance is an album to return to over and over. It’s not easily taken in just one sitting, and rewards multiple listens. Tin Armor have knocked one out of the park with this release. It’s poppy as hell, yet manages to be emotionally resonant.