Tiger! Tiger!

Tiger! Tiger! – “The Kind of Goodnight”
(Chicken Ranch)

Upon first listen, I wasn’t too impressed with The Kind of Goodnight. After cranking the volume and being able to pay attention to it, however, I can state with authority that this is some damned fine keyboard-based garage. It’s more stompin’ garage than it is danceable, but the keys add some breadth to what would otherwise be two jangly guitars dominating the mix.

Also, for reasons I can’t quite explain, female-fronted garage acts always sound cooler. Bands with keys sound even cooler than that. Thus, by all rights, a female-fronted garage act with keys is pretty much guaranteed to be an act to which I’d be seriously attracted. I don’t know why, that’s just the way I calls it.

It is an album that takes a couple of listens to get going, tho’. The mix is slightly rough, but works really well for what the band is doing. The low end kicks it out, and the guitars simply wail. It’s a gutsy album, and while Tiger! Tiger! isn’t quite the Gore Gore Girls, they do nice work.

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