Tiger! Tiger! makes their entire discography available for free download

Nothing makes me happier than music, most days. Really, the only thing that’s better than music is free music, and that’s what we have here. Michigan’s Tiger! Tiger! somehow ended up with a bunch of Bandcamp downloads, and decided to bestow them on fans or curious lookie-loos such as myself. So, now through February 22, you can hit their Bandcamp page and download anything you like, free of charge.

Bonus: if you head over to the Tiger! Tiger! Facebook page and like the post where they talk about this, or reblog the equivalent post from their Tummblr, you’re entered to win the following:

A test press copy of the I Salsa Your Face/Hayford 7″
A CD copy of It’ll Still Be There When You’re Ready For It
A limited edition Tiger! Tiger! t-shirt with the 7″ artwork
Some other goodies that we can find to throw in

So get on that. Yay free shit.
I Salsa Your Face/Hayford 7" by Tiger! Tiger!