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thorns-of-life-300x300Thorns of Life Zithromax Syrup, , the band that features former Jawbreaker / Jets to Brazil frontman Blake Schwarzenbach and Aaron Cometbus (of Crimpshine and Cometbus 'zine) has been pretty much the hippest thing to hit the webs in ages. Every time they play a show, it gets YouTube'd and Flickr'd to death, Zithromax Syrup ebay. And, 30mg Zithromax Syrup, I'm pretty sure most people are going to bootleg the hell out of their full-length when it comes out on DeSoto later this year, and then post all sorts of snide comments about how it's not that good (or, alternately, 40mg Zithromax Syrup, post how amazing it is and how great it is to have "one of the greatest songwriters of his generation" back among us writing tunes). Zithromax Syrup coupon, While we're waiting for their next live show and for the album to drop, we can take a listen to their set at 924 Gilman back at the end of January. It's recorded by Avi from Silver Sprocket who did this awesome interview with Blake, 50mg Zithromax Syrup.

Thorns of Life Live at 924 Gilman 1/31/09. (Mediafire link)

Photo courtesy Dave Sanders.

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