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cover-holy-shakes Prozac Saved My Life, Unsurprising news, really, when it all comes down to it. However, it is with great happiness that we report the forthcoming full-length from the Holy Shakes. Winners of the 2012 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase and (more pertinently to you, 100mg Prozac Saved My Life, my readers) the band for whom former Blue Meanies frontman Billy Spunke currently sings, the Holy Shakes are a band which Rock Star Journalist has wholeheartedly embraced. 150mg Prozac Saved My Life, Like the Cougars after they lost the horns, or the Blue Meanies without the ska and polka, this is a lean, mean rock and roll machine, Prozac Saved My Life australia. If you're a fan of Hot Snakes or Drive Like Jehu, their sinuous rock music will leave your girlfriends without undergarments and cause you to question whether or not you're 100% certain of your heterosexuality. Prozac Saved My Life uk, The first release on Thick Records in five years, the Holy Shakes' Feast or Famine LP will available for download May 25 and on 180-gram clear or black vinyl on July 10. We posted the title track back in January. Download "Pieces" below, Prozac Saved My Life overseas.

MP3: The Holy Shakes, "Pieces".

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