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My lucky self is going to be seeing Mike Park Does Cialis Work, this Sunday. In somebody's house. That's right. Be jealous.., Does Cialis Work mexico.

Mike's doing what he calls his "Living Room Tour." He is, pretty much literally, Does Cialis Work coupon, playing nothing but people's living rooms. All the shows are super cheap, and it is basically a way for him to get really close to his fans, Does Cialis Work. I'm super-psyched. It's at some guy's house about six blocks from here, which means that not only is it in my town, 1000mg Does Cialis Work, it's within walking distance. Yet another reason Lawrence kicks ten different kinds of ass. Does Cialis Work us, And in case you're sitting there, wondering who the fuck Mike Park is, let me fill you in. He is the owner of Asian Man Records Does Cialis Work, , one of the coolest labels around (and run out of his parents' garage). He is a former member of Skankin' Pickle and fron man for the Chinkees and Bruce Lee Band, Does Cialis Work japan. He rocks. He plays CATCHY tuneful songs that will make you hum his songs for days after you heard them.

Mike Park - "From Korea"
Mike Park - "Present Day Memories"

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