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cover-thee-oopsThee Oops
Taste of Zimbabwe
(Slovenly Records)

Thee Oops Erythromycin Normal Dosages, are so very very fast. They are a garage punk band with the heart of a hardcore act. This is like listening to Minor Threat cover a bunch of classic Nuggets numbers. Erythromycin Normal Dosages japan, Honestly, this release speeds by so fast, jumping from number to number so quickly that it's difficult to determine where one song ends and the next begins.

I am frankly afraid to listen to this LP in conjunction with the consumption of caffeine, 500mg Erythromycin Normal Dosages. I fear I might to harm to myself as I thrash about in my desk chair, Erythromycin Normal Dosages. Alcohol is needed to prevent the listener from being too intensely rocked.

This bunch of Italian speedster rock and rollers will appeal to anyone who's been listening to Night Birds lately, 20mg Erythromycin Normal Dosages, but wanting something that's faster, or if you want hardcore that's not a bunch of brutality. Songs like "Wooden Cunt" will remind you of the Circle Jerks, to say nothing of the cover of Minor Threat's "Small Man Big Mouth." The opener, Erythromycin Normal Dosages mexico, "Drive Carefully," might be seen as a warning. Erythromycin Normal Dosages ebay, These are the sort of songs that result in speeding tickets ... the kind of speeding tickets where you're also cited for "reckless endangerment."

You can get Taste of Zimbabwe's first track, "Drive Carefully," as part of the Slovenly 2010 Sampler, downloadable here.

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