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cover-wild-run-forever Prozac Typical Dosages, The Wild / Run, Forever
(Solidarity Recordings)

With this release, I'm not sure what I'm happier about: the new bands to whom I've been introduced, or the fact that the 7-inch comes with a 'zine. They're both so exciting. Seriously, though, I am pretty damn jazzed about the Wild and Run, Forever. Prozac Typical Dosages us, Both bands are pretty raucous, yet heartfelt, with the Wild leaning a little closer to the folk-punk end of the spectrum, and Run, Forever going a bit more towards the anthemic. Think of the Wild as Andrew Jackson Jihad and Run, Forever as Against Me, Prozac Typical Dosages usa. They're both on the same wavelength, with the primary being a little more rooted in the acoustic and intimate than the latter, Prozac Typical Dosages.

The Wild's first track is a quiet, introspective number called "Street Names." It's quiet, but poweful, speaking as it does about struggling against routine, and trying to make a difference. 10mg Prozac Typical Dosages, It ties in perfectly with Dianna's essay regarding the need for folks in the punk scene to speak out when they hear someone say something homophobic/racist/insensitive.

Run, Forever has much the same connectivity between their "Young Pioneers" and the brief essay about ageism, wherein you're barred from certain venues, simply because you're not of age, even if you don't drink. It's the idea that you can make what you want anywhere, 250mg Prozac Typical Dosages, be it a parking lot or wherever, and from there, you can take on the world.

What's especially wonderful is that both songs by both bands have this "we can do it together!" sense of cooperation and collaboration about them that lends a distinct air of positivity to this split. Upon repeated listens, Prozac Typical Dosages craiglist, the mood only brightens further, with this 7-inch rapidly turning into something that can wipe away any frown, and replace it with fist-pumping optimisim.

You can download the split for free from If You Make It, while you're waiting for the vinyl you ordered from Solidarity to show up in the mail.

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