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The Vandelles – “EP”
(Safranin Sound)
Cost Of Diflucan, If the Ventures had ever backed Patsy Cline on “Walking After Midnight,” the result would have been something like the Vandelles’ EP. It’s surf-inspired, to be sure, Cost Of Diflucan coupon, but there’s a certain amount of country twang to Lisha’s vocals that brings Ms. 150mg Cost Of Diflucan, Cline (to say nothing of Neko Case) to mind. The whole thing doesn’t sound so much spooky as it does dreamy - kind of like a My Bloody Valentine album. Listening to this EP is like drinking a bottle of cough syrup and taking a walk down the beach on a stormy summer’s night – yeah, Cost Of Diflucan uk, it’s a bit of an unwieldy metaphor, 1000mg Cost Of Diflucan, but an apt one. If ever there were music to take some downers to, the Vandelles have created it here, 40mg Cost Of Diflucan.

"Swell to Heaven"
"Lovely Weather"

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