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Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration, So, for most of my teenage years, and up until I was about 21, this album was kind of the holy grail for me. It represented the Urge's early years, when they played a potent mix of rock, punk, and ska that made Fishbone seem a little wimpy. The band was from St. Louis, which in the Midwest pretty much made them local. St. Louis bands made the trip to KC / Lawrence all the time before insanely high gas prices, and there was a point at which I thought both the Urge and MU330 were local, Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration.

Anyhow, the Urge used to get what is technically referred to as "shitloads" of airplay on the Lazer back in the mid-'90s, Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration craiglist. They got played on the radio, hit the local clubs, etc. When they toured with 311 and No Doubt in the summer of 1996, it was as if God himself had given my brother and I the most perfect show ever. It was the first show ever that I'd been to on my own. Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration, My parents saw fit to give me the keys to their van and allowed me to take myself, my friend Craig, my brother, and his friend Luke fifteen minutes down the highway to Sandstone to see this show.

Being concert neophytes (I'd been to exactly three shows at this point), we showed up about an hour too early and blew large amounts of money on t-shirts, stickers, Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration india, and soda. We then proceeded to smoke cigarettes at rate that left me so sick the next day that I vowed never to again have another cigarette - that lasted all of three days, at which point I was back off the wagon.

No Doubt and 311 were pretty cool, but it was the Urge that ended up stealing the show. They went on first, while it was still light out, and they managed to tear the place up. The band probably had an easier time in KC than they did in other parts of the country, because folks probably had a good idea of who they were, Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration. Everybody at that show knew at least "Brainless" at that point, which was a step up from them playing somewhere like Salt Lake City.

Steve Ewing and crew tore the place up, Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration ebay. We kept expecting him to kill himself jumping all over the place, doing jumps and shit. The horn players were nearly as energetic as he was, and by the end of their 30 minutes, the four of us thought we'd seen the coolest thing ever. Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration, Eleven years later, and I still count that as one of the coolest shows I've ever seen.

By the time I was in college, the Urge had lessened a bit in popularity, but I still wanted to hear Fat Babies. The Internet was jumping at that point, Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration usa, so I knew about it, but mp3s hadn't hit the way they would a year or two later, so I still couldn't hear the damn thing. All I knew was that it was recorded in 1993, self-released, and featured a whole bunch of songs they never played anymore. By some fluke of luck, I managed to find it used at Love Garden, and walked out of there cradling the album in my arms like a newborn baby. I've since sold it for a large amount of money on eBay, but had the presence of mind to rip the damn thing before I did so, 250mg Tetracycline Tooth Discoloration. Check it out... it'll certainly take you back.

Download Fat Babies In the Mix

Studio recordings
from Too Much Stereo
"Four Letters and Two Words"
from Master of Styles

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