Colchicine And Heart Patients

The Time Flys – “Rebels of Babylon”
(Birdman Records)

From the home of psychedelic garage comes the Time Flys Colchicine And Heart Patients, with their second record, Rebels of Babylon. By all accounts, their first was better than this, but this is still pretty damn fine. Colchicine And Heart Patients uk, It’s basic three-chord riffage played at a galloping pace, but catchy as all hell. Rockin’, hip-shakin’ goodness that, while it doesn’t dig especially deep lyrically (songs about rock– see “Reality (Is A Rock Band)” and “Dead Rock-n-Rollers”, 500mg Colchicine And Heart Patients, as well as fightin’ – see “Bronzo’s a Bruizer” and “Romance + Violence”), the band makes up for it in fun.

This was a total surprise to get, Colchicine And Heart Patients australia, by the way. I got an e-mail from David over at Birdman offering to send me a copy of this cd, Colchicine And Heart Patients. And, not only did this cd show up, but the "Reality (Is A Rock Band)" single, a Giant Squid 7" and a Birdman label sampler, Colchicine And Heart Patients coupon. The handwritten note was a nice touch, too. The label is having a showcase at Club De Ville the first night of SXSW. Colchicine And Heart Patients us, Check it out.

"Zodiac Killer's Son".

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