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Green Day and U2 Negative Effects Of Prozac, teamed up for a live performance before the re-opening of New Orleans' Superdome. They performed, as I'm sure most of you are aware (the media coverage being fucking huge), a cover of the Skids' "The Saints Are Coming." Two of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll at the moment teaming up to do anything is pretty fucking impressive, Negative Effects Of Prozac us, especially when it actually turns out to sound good.

I'm discounting any performances done at the Superbowl, Negative Effects Of Prozac ebay, because those are usually train wrecks, save the Sting / No Doubt performance of "Message In A Bottle" from a few years back. But while smaller bands team up to do stuff on a regular basis, and rappers do it all the fucking time, 10mg Negative Effects Of Prozac, two legitimately big rocks acts doing something amazing just doesn't happen as often as it ought to. This thankfully did happen, 40mg Negative Effects Of Prozac, and it's amazing.

You can go get more information as to why they did it over at the Music Rising site, where they're attempting to help New Orleans musicians bring the music back to New Orleans.

Listen to the original version.., 750mg Negative Effects Of Prozac.

The cover, live Monday at the Superdome...


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