The R’s, “Mr. Hide”

arrsHoly smokes. Up until recently, I had no idea that National Geographic has a record label. It’s called Nat Geo Music, and (not too surprisingly) deals with a large number of world music artists. It was a pleasant discovery to find this record label, founded two years ago. In addition, it’s fantastic that they put out stuff other than the typical “world music” fare. There’s plenty of native music out there that goes beyond the usual woodwinds and hand drums one tends to expect under that moniker.

Such is the case with their new release, a 7-inch from the R’s, a psychedelic pop act from Italy. Their debut album for Nat Geo, De Flora Et Fauna, is due out this fall, but they’re releasing a series of 7-inches in advance of it, the first of which is due out next week. You can listen to the a-side, “Mr. Hide,” below.

“Mr. Hide” by The R’s by NatGeo Records