The Revival Tour at the Granada on Friday night

revival tour header
The long-running acoustic punk Revival Tour made its first-ever stop in Lawrence (or Kansas City) on Friday night. The Granada Theater in Lawrence was filled with folks in the mood for a sing-along. Surprisingly, though, the place wasn’t packed. Whether it was the fact that Bad Religion took everyone’s money on Monday, or that people weren’t aware that the frontmen for the Get Up Kids, Rise Against, and Hot Water Music were playing solo acoustic, the crowd was far smaller than I was planning on.

That being said, the folks there were intent on having a good time. People were singing along, drinking heavily, and just generally having fun. Nobody lost their shit or stared acting stupid, and it was almost sedate enough to have had the audience sitting on the floor for the sing-along parts. Fun times, especially as Matt Pryor was added as a special guest for this stop, Lawrence being where he and his family live now.

It would’ve been a little better if Jenny O. hadn’t been the solo female representative on the tour. While I love the positive vibes (lots of “kid, keep your head up” songs were rocked Friday night), the lengthy chain of dudes with raspy, hoarse voices shouting as they strummed wore thin after a bit. Big points to Jenny for being the lone finger-picker on stage that night, as well.

Nice time and all, but several of the performers’ voices were showing their years of yelling. I think that recent spate of Hot Water Music dates messed up Chuck Ragan‘s voice, because he was eight different kinds of hoarse. Dave Hause‘s voice rang out clear as a bell, though. Given the number of people singing along, you’d think that he was the star of the show, not Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath.