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cover-panic-beats-without-warningTo chart the Panic Beats Retinol Creme Retin A, ' output, you have three albums to follow. There's the first, self-titled LP, with "Bound and Gagged" as the really outre song about killing and attacking by the hooded killer who appears on all the album covers and shirts from the band. 500mg Retinol Creme Retin A, There's a split between slasher movie iconography and sci-fi creepiness ("You're Gonna Mutate" and "Invasion").

Then came ...Strike Again a year later. "Rats" and "Red Alert" get the sci-fi imagery going, but there's more of a focus on the whole horror movie aspect of everything. "Dirt Nap" and "Death List" are straighforward in terms of hunting and killing one's victims, with "Coming to Get You" using the line "Bring an axe and fucking split you."

Now comes album number three, Without Warning, Retinol Creme Retin A. On germany's P, 30mg Retinol Creme Retin A. Trash Records, this really ups the ante for the Panic Beats. The cover art is less stalking one's victims, Retinol Creme Retin A mexico, and in this case shows the stunned girl about to get gutted like a fish. "They Call Me Death." "Killing Spree." "You're Gonna Bleed."

This is a fast album. Retinol Creme Retin A, The Panic Beats, on this one, have gone from a pop-pun band to a full-on garage pop act. These songs are buzzsaw blasts, and the whole LP blasts by. "Dead Meat" does a nice job of making a song about decapitation sound like a revved-up '50s prom theme, Retinol Creme Retin A uk, but for the most part, Without Warning is sans science fiction overtones until the very end. With the exception of "Zombie Hell, Retinol Creme Retin A overseas, " this is knives out all the way.

The fact that the Panic Beats manage to make these songs so goddamn tuneful and memorable only makes them that much creepier. It's disturbing to sing along to any album with a cover this depraved, Retinol Creme Retin A. That being said, you should totally get it. It's the natural culmination to what the group's been doing. The question now is: how the hell will Rest In Pieces top this next year.


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