Tinea And Diflucan

cover-panic-beats-strike-again Tinea And Diflucan, This album is exhausting. At no point do the Panic Beats slow down their garage-punk attack. If the Marked Men took a bunch of trucker speed and played every single song at Mach 2, they'd sound a lot like these Michigan poppy rockers do on their second albu for Night Fighter Records, Tinea And Diflucan paypal, ...Strike Again!

Each song goes into the other, with minimal pause between each cut, making it a bit difficult to differentiate between tracks. You the thirty-second pause you get when you flip the record over is about the only relief you think you'll get. As you drop the needle on the second side, 250mg Tinea And Diflucan, you take a deep breath, preparing to be thrust once more into the mile-a-minute rock 'n' roll.

However, it's like the Panic Beats anticipated this, giving you a less-frantic tune in the form of "Death List." The track is about half the speed of every other cut on ...Strike Again!, and it's a momentary return to traditional guitar speed -- "Dirt Nap" is full speed ahead once more, Tinea And Diflucan. The guitars pretty much power the majority of the album, Tinea And Diflucan us, but the closer, "Night of the Bloody Apes," is ruled by a drum beat that takes ...Strike Again! out a note of possibility.

Combined with "Death List," you see that the Panic Beats don't have to exist in a Spits kind of world all the time, 30mg Tinea And Diflucan. There's this possibility that they might become something more than a band that does just one thing (they do it well, but it wears after an entire side).

Bonus points go to the Panic Beats for making each successive album cover further a story. Tinea And Diflucan mexico, The guy in the hoodie with the butcher knife is up to no good, but I'm curious as to where this tale is headed. Vinyl available on clear with black swirls, green, and black -- each with a pressing of 100.


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