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The Magic Numbers – “Those the Brokes”

The Magic Numbers Zithromax Tri-pak, ’ first album had all sorts of blogs and magazines all agog about their style of pretty guitar pop. And, really, Zithromax Tri-pak canada, it is darned pretty. Zithromax Tri-pak overseas, The harmonies between Romeo, Michele, and Angela are gorgeous, 250mg Zithromax Tri-pak. However, Zithromax Tri-pak uk, Those The Brokes is very sedate. Rolicking is never going to be a word to describe the Magic Numbers.

While “Undecided” has a slightly bluesy feel to it, Zithromax Tri-pak coupon, most of the album is just a little too much like Coldplay. Even with the male / female vocals, and the fact that the band skews a little more Beatles-esque than orchestral, the Magic Numbers are the only band I’ve ever heard that come close to matching Chris Martin and company’s soporific nature


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