The Lonesome Savages sound like I’m drunk (and why that’s wonderful)

cover-lonesome-savagesThe debut single from Wisconsin’s the Lonesome Savages, All Outta Love, might be the only thing the rockabilly genre’s produced worth listening to since the first Amazing Royal Crowns LP. It’s an astoundingly original take on the genre, yet draws on enough familiar influences (Charlie Feathers by way of the Cramps) to keep it grounded in some sort of reasonable genre ballpark.

Now, is it three covers and one original? Yes. But it’s not like it’s the first debut release to do so. The Cramps’ Gravest Hits was mostly covers, as was half of the Specials’ self-titled. This is what bands do, if they’re able – when you don’t have enough songs you’ve written, you take the ones you know and put your own sonic imprint on ’em. Let those fuckers know who you are, one way or another, am I right?

The guitar work on All Outta Love screams through the fuzz so clearly, it might as well be the only thing on this record. There’re layers of vocal echo and reverb, and the Lonesome Savages play in a way that suggests you’ve had a whiskey or five. I love it when bands sound like I’m drunk. This might be the best party record thus far this year – provided your friends aren’t a bunch of boring-ass sticks in the mud.

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