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LP_Jacket_11073The Limiñanas
The Limiñanas
(Trouble In Mind)
Drugs And Diflucan, My working knowledge of French consists of being able to say that I speak no French, that I am a gigantic duck, and asking where the nude beach is located. That being said, I love French garage pop. The best French garage takes a psychedelic edge from American and British '60s rock 'n' roll and combines it with the relaxed, seductive edge of Serge Gainsborg for a potent, 50mg Drugs And Diflucan, heady mix.

Such is the case with the Limiñanas. Their self-titled debut has rapidly made its way to the top of my favorite albums this year, Drugs And Diflucan india, despite being released just last month. The louche vocals of Marie and Lio Limiñana have a certain come-hither approach, Drugs And Diflucan. Every word drips with sardonic appeal.

The arrangement allows for a definite sense of sexuality. The best way I can descirbe is to say that songs like "Je suis une go-go girl" are the aural equivalent of bedroom eyes. There's a lot of open space in the Limiñanas' songs, Drugs And Diflucan craiglist, so while there's lush instrumentation going on (organ, harmonica, acoustic guitar, Drugs And Diflucan usa, tremelo, et al), it's not all crammed in. Drugs And Diflucan, There's room for the xylophone to breathe next to fuzzed-out guitars, while Marie's vocals float on top of everything else.

This album is the musical equivalent of a particularly intense one-night stand. After listening to the band's debut full-length, Drugs And Diflucan mexico, I feel as if I ought to have a cigarette and a lie-down. As it is, I feel like I ought to call them and see how they're doing -- maybe take the Limiñanas out for drinks and see how they're doing. This album is the musical equivalent of a particularly intense one-night stand.

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