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For an album entitled Don't Get Lost In A Movement Bbt Dip Clomid, , the Fully Down certainly seem to be fully entrenched within the currently "emotional hardcore / emo / screamo / whatever-it's called-this-week" genre. Lots of guitar noodling and finger-pointing lyrics, sing-alongs and breakdowns, all with a pop edge, Bbt Dip Clomid india. It's nothing that H2O didn't do five years before and better.

However, 100mg Bbt Dip Clomid, what's good about the Fully Down is that they have the potential to break out of this genre prison. There are little things that pop up throughout the album, such as the keyboard in "Cost of Comfort", the opening track, 250mg Bbt Dip Clomid, and occasional flourishes of things like cowbell. The songs are also all sung, 500mg Bbt Dip Clomid, rather than alternating between screaming and singing as so many other acts do.

The Fully Down have potential. If they can find a way to make cliches fresh again, or to more fully embrace the littlew flourishes of weird, 200mg Bbt Dip Clomid, they've got a chance to have an interesting second album on Fearless, rather than a continuation of what can best be described as wasted potential.

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